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You can finally DISLIKE a tweet (and make it count)

(If you don't feel like reading you can watch this video  instead) How many times have you wished there was a " dislike " button in Twitter? (and probably also in any other social network, but I will focus on Twitter in this post). And I am not referring to this dislike  button which is not what you want,  since it is just a way to tell Twitter (and no one else) that you would not like to see similar tweets on your feed in the future. So until Twitter decides to add this highly demanded feature (i.e., a real dislike button), I have come up with a way to dislike a tweet and make it count , so you can share your dislikeness   with everybody and your dislikes can be aggregated with other Twitter users'  dislikes . All you need to do in order to dislike a tweet is to use the hashtag #dislike  or just #dl   for short,  when replying to the tweet which you dislike . That's it, so simple! For example, this is the image of a tweet which has two dislikes: But